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This publication is intended to provide ideas, and hopefully the seeds to at least some solutions, in the ongoing debates we have over issues we face together as a society.  We do not expect to “stand athwart history, yelling Stop!” Far greater minds than ours have done such before us and continue to do so.

What we intend to do is further provide ideas to the discussions that we have today of various social, political and other issues.  We will offer alternatives but realize they may not always be solutions.  However, in this time where the method of debate is to silence the opponent, through various means, it is important to not cower from rigorous debate; to not be shamed by catcalls of non-patriotism, unfounded accusations of calls to violence, concern only for ourselves or other innuendo.  This country was formed by individuals who did stand “athwart history, yelling Stop!” against tyranny.  As it worked so well over 200 years ago and has continued to do so, there is no  reason to change the gameplan.

We here at The Daily Yap realize that while we will not rise to the level of The Minutemen, we hope we will at least fulfill our own capacity to help make society a better place, through ideas and discussion.

As we have completed the first decade of the second “American Century”, we face challenges like the war on Islamo-Facsism which would put the human soul itself into bondage just as communism (R.I.P.) did only 20 years ago.  But as we have from our inception, this country maintains its commitment to liberty and freedom.

Whatever may be said about this page, we hope it will be noted that we appealed to your sense of reason, fairness and desire to leave behind a better place than you found it. That we asked, and you responded, to think of issues from all angles before making a judgment, which these days are lurched into all too often.

And as always, our hope for you is that you will appreciate that you are able to debate and discuss differing viewpoints, whether online, at the town hall meeting or amongst friends, which is far different from many oppressive countries in this world.

As we are seeing with the revolutions in the Middle East, the desire for individual freedom is not just an American trait but one shared by the human spirit all over.

May you never forget your obligation to help direct this country through discourse and ultimately the ballot box.

I hope you will not only enjoy reading The Daily Yap but partake in such by submitting articles for publication as well as letters for response.


I.M. Windee

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