The Democrats’ Impeachment Cartoon….


…with Bugs McConnell and Elmer J. Nadler


The House Judiciary Committee chaired by Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler opens impeachment hearings tomorrow and just as the House Intelligence Committee hearings did, I will be reminded of Bugs Bunny turning Elmer J. Fudd’s gun against him.
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Watch for Bugs McConnell to turn the Democrats’ guns on them during the Senate impeachment trial

It could be very entertaining to watch the impeachment trial in the hands of Senate leader Mitch McConnell, more aptly Bugs McConnell.
Don’t think he will not be paying attention to the Iowa and New Hampshire campaign calendars.
No doubt when Sens. Warren or Sanders have a big campaign event in either state, there will be an impeachment procedural vote that they must attend, if not the actual trial itself.
I suspect Mr. McConnell will have inconveniently timed adjournments of the trial to sort through matters, only to be resolved as soon as the good senators set foot in the Hawkeye or Granite states. So unless Sens. Warren or Sanders want nothing but to rack up frequent flier mileage, I recommend they not even waste their time flying to either state for as soon as their planes touch down, they will have to taxi for take-off to head back to D.C.
And while as a Republican or non-Liberal American it is foolish to wish an impeachment since no one knows where it will go, as it is a fait accompli, I will sit back and enjoy the anguish Sens. Warren or Sanders will go through when having to choose between the campaign trail or their Senate duties, to the extent they will even have a choice.
And all this for what will be a non-removal despite the likes of the Democrats and Sen. Mitt McCain.
I recommend to Mr. McConnell that he tell the good senators to forward all complaints to House Committee Chairmen Schiff and Nadler as they’ll have made it all possible.

-I.M. Windee

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