A Trip Down Pre-Corona Memory Lane…

Can anyone remember?….

  • Impeachment?
  • The hashtag guillotine?
  • The Squad
  • The emoluments clause (I think it had to do with the oil industry)
  • The Democrat presidential candidates? (no worries, Joe Biden is hard-pressed to also)

the squadKim-Kardashian-2008

As society faces a true crisis, the lesser voices recede into the background


  • Going through a drive-thru without worrying if it could be a life-threatening event?
  • When we used to think nurses and doctors were a privileged and overpaid class?
  • When we thought pharmaceutical companies were evil and should be punished, if not put out of business?
  • Someone else’s body…err…..fragrance?
  • When we thought loners were nuts?
  • When someone clearing their throat didn’t cause severe apprehension?
  • When someone coughing didn’t make you hit the deck?
  • When the smell of Lysol didn’t make you feel safe and secure?
  • When you didn’t call home every hour to get an inventory of the supply of toilet paper; and then run a sophisticated projection to see how many years you could go, with current stockpile, if supply was suddenly cut?
  • When eating in was the only option you could ever want?
  • People cutting you off on the road?
  • The road?
  • When we cared about the Kardashians?
  • When you memorized the Monopoly game board?
  • Laughter?
  • Churchill’s war-time remark “Let them look back and say ‘this was their finest hour’ “

-I.M. Windee

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the squad
the squad

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