Biden vs. Trump: Closing Arguments


A choice between 4 more years of chaotic but overall substantively good governance or a return to the Obama economic stagnation


Tomorrow ends, at least for voter participation, the 2020 election.

And none too soon.

The choice is not the easiest and no one, except blind partisans, can be faulted for their votes.

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Voters have a choice: chaos but relative economic success or Presidential calm but economic stagnation


President Trump offers unconventional, and un-Presidential, chaos and decorum but economic policies that clearly benefit the middle class more than his opponent.  The U.S. economy was doing far better in the pre-Covid period under Trump than anytime while Biden and Obama were running the show.

The talk of Trump’s 2017 tax cuts causing increased federal budget deficits is disingenuous, and not true, especially as the same mob was happy with higher deficits that ObamaCare created. With them, some (their) deficits are good, others (Republican) bad.

Mr. Biden clearly has a more Presidential aura. But he only offers a re-visit of the Obama economic stagnation years, which the well-to-do can afford but middle class cannot. And with the radical turn the Democrat party has taken, socialism is not an inaccurate term for the agenda of what his administration, as run by others, would be.

Regardless of whether Trump wins tomorrow (or in the coming weeks), the great tragedy is that this election had to be close, and perhaps a loss for the incumbent.

Mr. Trump, an unorthodox politician to say the least, did some great things, from de-regulation to tax cuts to federal court nominations.

But as he is so aware of, it’s all about marketing.

And for all too many, he has mis-marketed himself.

-I.M. Windee

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