‘Bernie Blutarsky’ and the ‘Animal House’ Democrats


Spend $5 trillion; no one has to pay for it.


   Russia attempting to help Bernie Sanders campaign | Financial Times

Bluto Blutarsky in ‘Animal House’ is as responsible and grounded in reality as Bernie Sanders and his fellow Democrats in congress



As the Democrats, who barely control the government, push through their radical agenda, one must recall the iconic 1978 movie “Animal House.”

In the film, perennial screw up Bluto Blutarsky tells visitors to the fraternity party: “Grab a brew; don’t cost nothin’,” betraying an obliviousness to the fact that someone had to pay for the beer being guzzled down.

So, too, have the Animal House Democrats adopted such thinking: Spend $5 trillion; no one has to pay for it.

In reality, present and future generations will be paying for this frat-party-spending mentality.

How telling that, at the end of “Animal House,” the audience learns that  Mr. Blutarsky goes on to become a U.S. senator.

-I.M. Windee

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